Mr. Shumskiy worked for me for 2 years. He is an exceptional Design Engineer.

I highly recommend Alexander to any company. He is well organized, dependable, timely, trustworthy, and always brings a positive attitude to his work. Alexander proved himself to be a dependable employee, and a hard worker, with solid problem solving and technical skills. I was always impressed by Alexander’s ability to complete the work assigned to him on time.

I am happy to recommend him as a solid addition to your company. If you'd like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at +1-651-308-8899 or [email protected]

Alex Kapelevich
President of AKGears, LLC

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Alex Shumsky. I had an opportunity to work with many dedicated professionals over my thirty five-year career as a mechanical engineer, and he stands out among them. From the very beginning of our collaboration Alex showed an impressive ability to grasp the core of the task and take full responsibility in carrying out the project to its completion. His capacity to manage aggressive time lines without any impact on quality of the work made him the best candidate for many projects that came across my desk. Alex holds a strong background in mechanical engineering paired with remarkable flexibility in adapting to specific customer requirements. That talent however wouldn’t shine bright enough without his spotless work ethics, which I value just as high as his solid skillset.

I enjoy working with Alex and looking forward to team with him for the new projects.

Yefim Safris,
Principal Engineer, Alphaenco, engineering consulting.


In the USA it is not common anymore to issue such letters. Please tell me more about who will read your letter?
My suggestion: Please give my direct mobile-number to your customers, so they can call me and get my good and positive comments.
USA (214)-810-2030

Zev Galel,
AeroBearings, CEO